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The project consists in the restoration of a barn, considered one of the most ancient and remarkable in our village. We want to give it a new life by transforming it into a unique heritage centre! Our high quality restoration project is innovative, using mainly local and sustainable materials, and has been labelled by the “Fondation du Patrimoine”. We aim to create an invaluable heritage library open to all, offering a place for heritage and art exhibitions as well as promoting traditional craftsmanship, niched in a preserved natural space typical of our unique geological formation.

For the first time in our region, we have the opportunity to save a unique collection formed of 8,000 books and 40 years of research archives, fruits of the life work of Patrick Ansar, an Hauts-de-France specialist researcher and historian, and to showcase it for the benefit of all. This collection has been enriched with thousands of photographs from the same family, spanning over more than a 100-year history, including extraordinary unedited photograph glass plaques of the Lafayette squadron and a unique coverage of the train use and related infrastructures during World War I, recorded by P Ansar’s grand-father himself! These plaques include such treasures as the only known photograph to date of the Soissons Cathedral organ, taken before it was destroyed during World War I. These are only some of the many treasures still to be uncovered in the collection.

Without your help, this unique heritage will disappear like all other research funds in our region have to this day. Universities, public libraries, department archives are very interested in them but unfortunately lack the resources to preserve them. There is a growing awareness at the local level about the systematic and irremediable disappearance of these irreplaceable funds, but no project had been started to tackle the issue until now. Public authorities are very enthusiastic about our project and major institutions have committed to help us financially or materially. But we need your help to see it through, particularly to complete funding the restoration of the building that will host the library: an old barn typical of our land.

We are building this project for the many and are willing to make it a collective endeavour so we hope many of you will invest to make this unique project a reality! So far we are seeking to raise 30,000 euros as part of 190,000 euros needed for the building restoration.


Donate through Fondation du Patrimoine: To check the eligibility of a tax relief for your donations to participate in this great adventure, please contact directly Cecile Hanotte (cecile.hanotte@fondation-patrimoine.org) from Fondation du Patrimoine and indicate in your e-mail that you wish to support the “Bibliothèque Patrick Ansar” project. Heritage foundation website: https://www.fondation-patrimoine.org/les-projets/bibliotheque-patrick-ansar-troussures 

For a direct donation: By cheque: please make the cheque payable to “Association PROFONDHIS – Patrick Ansar” and please send it to :

“Association PROFONDHIS – Patrick Ansar” 17 rue de la Place – Troussures – 60390 AUNEUIL – FRANCE

For a bank transfer, please contact us directly at association.profondhis@yahoo.com

We will then contact you to define which precise part of the project you wish to finance (restoration [including labelled restoration], layout, lighting, etc.). No donation will be used to cover the administration cost of the association, unless the contributor explicitly requests it.

For each donation of 50 euros or above, see our website page for the perks we offer or contact us directly : association.profondhis@yahoo.com